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Short Biography

I studied computer science at Université d'Artois, Lens, France where I obtained my Bachelor degree (2010) and my Master degree (2012). My Ph.D. on the topic Dynamics of Argumentation Frameworks has been supervised by Sylvie Coste-Marquis, Sébastien Konieczny and Pierre Marquis, from CRIL. I defended my thesis in September 2015.
From October 2015 to August 2016, I was working as Project Assistant in Database and Artificial Intelligence Group from the Faculty for Informatics, TU Wien. I was part of the project Fragment-Driven Belief Change.
Since September 2016, I am Associate Professor at LIPADE, Université de Paris. I am a member of the research team Distributed Artificial Intelligence.
My detailled CV in PDF - My research ancestors


Research Interest

My research concerns mainly knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR), especially non-monotonic reasoning (NMR). Keywords:

  • Argumentation: mainly Abstract Argumentation (Dung's Framework), Deductive Argumentation, argument-based negotiation
  • Belief Change: Belief Revision (AGM/KM), Belief Merging (IC-Merging)
I've been particularly interested in the intersection of argumentation and belief change (this intersection was the topic of my Ph.D. thesis).

I am also interested in algorithmic solutions for non-monotonic reasoning problems:
  • see CoQuiAAS for my work about this topic for abstract argumentation;
  • see RAP working group for a more general project on this topic (in french).

Research question

Recent Publications

Journal papers:

  • Y. Dimopoulos, J.-G. Mailly, P. Moraitis, Arguing and Negotiating using Incomplete Negotiators Profiles, JAAMAS, 2021 (To appear)
  • J. Rossit, J.-G. Mailly, Y. Dimopoulos, P. Moraitis, United We Stand: Accruals in Strength-based Argumentation, Argument & Computation, 2021 (To appear)
    download (technical report)
Conference papers:
  • F. Gaignier, Y. Dimopoulos, J.-G. Mailly, P. Moraitis, Probabilistic Control Argumentation Frameworks, AAMAS 2021 (To appear)
  • J.-G. Mailly, J. Rossit, Argument, I Choose You! Preferences and Ranking Semantics in Abstract Argumentation, KR 2020
    download - bibtex - presentation
See here for the full list sorted by type, sorted by year, or my list of publications from DBLP.

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I have been a reviewer/program committee member for several journals and conferences, including:

More details here.

I am also a member of the editorial board of Argument & Computation since 2021.

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Software Development

I am one of the developpers of CoQuiAAS, a solver for abstract argumentation reasoning tasks. CoQuiAAS was awarded several times at the International Competition of Computational Models of Argumentation

  • 2019 : Second place at the Main Track and the Dynamic Track of ICCMA 2019
  • 2017: First place at the GR Track of ICCMA 2017
  • 2015: First place at ICCMA 2015

More recently, I've shared a small piece of software for computing extensions in a simple GUI. Although this may not be the best way for large instances, this is an easy way to obtain the extensions for small argumentation frameworks. It may be useful for teaching purposes, or just for checking whether your exemple is correct when your write a paper :)
See here for more information and for downloading the software (or the code). Since it is a preliminary version, that was quickly implemented, any feedback is welcome :)

CoQuiAAS Logo


I have been a member of different research projects:

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Organisation of Events


I have supervised several students projects:

  • 2020 - 2023: Ph.D., Co-Supervisor with Pavlos Moraitis and Julien Rossit, Yohann Bacquey
  • 2020: Master 2 Research Internship (4 months), Co-Supervisor with Pavlos Moraitis, Imene Sai
  • 2020: Master 1 Tutored Project (1 semester), Salomé Attar and Louis de Ferluc
  • 2020: Master 1 Tutored Project (1 semester), Rachid Bellazreg and Serigne Gning
  • 2019: Master 2 Research Internship (4 months) Co-Supervisor with Pavlos Moraitis, Fabrice Gaignier
  • 2017: DUT Internship (4 months), Etienne Lopvet
  • 2017: Master 2 Research Internship (5 months) Co-Supervisor with Sylvie Doutre and Nicolas Maudet, Salim Kecili
  • 2017: Master 1 Tutored Project (1 semester), Kalidou Ba and Appolinaire Dekli
  • 2015: Master 1 Research Internship (10 weeks) Co-Supervisor with Zied Bouraoui, Aurélien Lucas
  • 2014: Master 1 Research Internship (10 weeks) Co-Supervisor with Thomas Caridroit, Oumaima Mehaibia



I am currently involved in these courses. More details on my past teachings here.


Advanced Programming

Undergraduate course (L3): Object oriented programming in Java


Introduction to AI

Undergraduate course (L3): overview of different AI techniques (heuristic search, constraint programming, logic, AI for games...)


Computational Complexity

Graduate course (M1): Turing machines, decidability, polynomial hierarchy


Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Graduate course (M1): I am in charge of the "argumentation" part of the course.


Non-Monotonic Reasoning

Graduate course (M1): inference from conflicting information, default logic, belief change


Automated Negotiation

Graduate course (M2): Introduction to game theory and argument-based negotiation

Membership and roles

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Local Administrative Duties

Some responsibilities in the Université de Paris or in LIPADE lab:

  • Since 2019: member of the Conseil de laboratoire (laboratory concil) of LIPADE
  • Since 2017: member of the Conseil scientifique local (local scientific concil) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Université de Paris

Contact Information

LIPADE - Université de Paris
45, rue des Saints Pères,
75006 Paris, France
Office: 814-I
Phone: +33 1 76 53 03 03