LIPADE-University of Paris Descartes

  • Professor in Computer Science

  • Head of the Machine Learning for Data Science (MLDS) Team

  • LIPADE laboratory, University of Paris Descartes
    45, rue des Saints Pères, 75270, Paris


  • Tel : (+33) 1 83 94 58 08

  • Office : 705 O

  • Associate Editor Journal Advances in Data Analysis and Classification (ADAC)

  • Head of Master of Machine Learning for Data Science (Master-MLDS)

  • Director of Master Miage Paris Descartes

  • President of Société Francophone de Classification (SFC)

  • Research Interests: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Unsupervised Learning, Mixture models, Latent block models, Coclustering, Factorization, Text Mining, Bioinformatics, Collaborative Filtering

Member of Program Committees/Reviewer

International/National Conferences

International Journals

  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI)

  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS)

  • IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE)

  • Advances in Data Analysis and Classification (ADAC)

  • Pattern Recognition (PR)

  • Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (CSDA)

  • Statistics and Computing (SC)


  • Co-clustering under diffirent approaches (Master 2 Machine Learning for Data Science Master-MLDS)

  • Mixture Model-based Clustering (Master 2 Machine Learning for Data Science Master-MLDS)

  • Fouille de données (Master 1 in Computer Science)

  • Traitement Numérique de données (Licence 3 in Computer Science)

Recent Projects

  • Research Contract with Trinov: Apprentissage non supervisé pour une meilleure gestion des dechets (since 2017)

  • Research Contract with Kernix: Co-clustering à grande échelle pour l’analyse statique et dynamique de sites Web (since 2016)

  • Research Contract with Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann in Luxembourg: Fouille visuelle et interactive de flux d'événements (since 2014)

  • Project IDEX EDAGWAS: Exploratory Data Analysis for Genome-wide Association Studies (since 2013)

  • Research Contract with Airbus in Toulouse: Advanced Data Mining Techniques for Prognostic and Health Management (since 2013)

  • ANR Project ClasSel: Co-clustering and Model Selection (2009-2012)