Functional Dependencies Unleashed for Scalable Data Exchange

Bonifati, Ileana, Linardi

This page is meant to be a support page of the paper Functional Dependencies Unleashed for Scalable Data Exchange. You may find our technical report in arXiv here.

Empirical evaluation of our approach

In this section we provide all the DATA EXCHANGE scenarios used for evaluating our system (Data Exchange Engine).

As pointed out in the paper we generated the synthetic Scenarios by means of IBench [1]. For each scenario we have 2 xml files called respectively Schema.xml, which contains the source and target database schemas, the mapping rules (source-to-target tgds) and the functional dependencies, and Data.xml which contains the source DB instances. For the sake of easiness we organized all the scenario as they appear in the paper figures containing the plot of the Solution computing performance.(They are placed in a folder named according where each one appears in the figures.)

Download Scenarios (They are tar.gz compressed )

Figure 3 (a) Figure 3 (b) Figure 3 (c)

For further questions or issues do not hesitate to drop a mail at michele[dot]linardi[at]orange[dot]fr

[1] C. Arocena, R. Ciucanu, B. Glavic, and R. J. Miller. Gain control over your integration evaluations. PVLDB, 2015