Indigo's results.

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Indigo has been attending several computer go competitions since 1998. This page sums up the results of Indigo in these competitions by giving the links to the adequate web pages, the rank of Indigo in this event with the number of participants.

Until 2002, these results were not so good: Indigo was situated in the second half of the rankings only. However, since 2003, Indigo performs better in the international competitions: almost always in the first half. The reason lies in the Monte Carlo approach integrated with the go knowledge.

Besides, since 1994, Indigo has been participating to the computer go ladder held by Eric Pettersen, (6th/16 on 9x9 and 8th/16 on 19x19).

For a complete view of the computer go competitions see the computer go result web page of the BGA.

Last update: October 6th, 2007.