Andrés Almansa

Welcome to my home page.
I am a CNRS Senior Research Scientist with MAP5 at Université Paris Descartes
I am interested in Computational Imaging (for Remote Sensing, Digital Photography and Film Postproduction), and the Mathematical Methods required in this field, including: Optimization, Harmonic Analysis, Statistical Estimation, High-Dimensional Geometry.


Full Publication Lists

For Reviewers

If you evaluate one of my grant proposals, you may be interested in the complete publication list and citation report available [here] (Last updated December 21st, 2015).
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Problèmes Inverses (M2 Mathématiques Modélisation Apprentissage - Univ Paris Descartes)
Méthodes Mathématiques en Imagerie Satellitaire (M2 MVA - Telecom ParisTech - ENS Cachan - Univ Paris Descartes)
Photographie Computationnelle (IMA206) (M1 - Telecom ParisTech)
OASIS (L3 - Telecom ParisTech)
Gestalt Computacional (M2 - Universidad de la República)

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PhD Students

  • Paul Riot (since 2014) Multi-image non-local restoration and inpainting
    Co-directed with Y. Gousseau, F. Tupin.
  • Clara Barbanson (since 2014) Hyperspectral & Multi-Stereoscopic interferometric imaging
    Co-directed with Y. Ferrec, P. Monasse.
  • Antoine Houdard (since 2015) Geometry & Statistics of Self-Similarity in Natural Images
    Co-directed with J. Delon.
  • Thuc Trinh LE (since 2015) Video inpainting by non-local methods
    Co-directed with Y. Gousseau, S. Masnou.
  • Ismaël Chouraqi (since 2016) Restauration d’Images par Auto Similarité dans des Domaines Transformés
    Co-directed with A. Desolneux
  • Marcela Carvalho (since 2016) 3D Camera by Depth from Defocus and Machine Learning
    Co-directed with F. Champagnat, P. Trouvé, B. Le Saux
  • Mario González (since 2017) Deep Learning for Computational Photography
    Co-directed with P. Musé

Former Students

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Contact Information

Mailing Address

MAP5 - CNRS & Université Paris Descartes
45 rue des Saints Pères
75006 Paris - FRANCE


Phone: +33 1 76 53 03 35
Fax: +33 1 76 53 03 69
Assistant: +33 1 4581 7640

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